Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering refers to the municipal facility construction projects that provide public products and services to the residents, with or without charges. To speed up urbanization, it is essential to upgrade the public installations, boost the quali


Infrastructure acts as the material basis for the production, operation and living of the enterprises, institutions and residents. It underpins the regular operation of the primary urban facilities and lays the groundwork for the sound and sustainable deve

Road & Bridge

Road and bridge have accelerated the pace as we make further economic progress. Featuring speed, flexibility and convenience, they become an independent transportation system while serve as a significant way of goods distribution for the railroads, stations, ports and airports. Having years’ experience in road and bridge that covers planning, procurement, process dynamic control, assessment and consulting, Jianjing Consultation assists the clients to enhance the social benefits and cut the cost and time in transportation to a great extent.

Real Estate

Real estate is integral for national economy. It concerns the economic and social stability. It is a significant industry and market to attract foreign investment and drive local enterprises to go global.

Rail Transit

Rail transit is a public passenger service in the cities, suburbs and city circles. It is an essential part in the public transportation service system, usually features big investment and long construction period.

Energy & Environment

Citizens on earth consume all kinds of energy every single day, this is the core of the modern industrial society. Environmental pollution caused by industrial development, in turn, increasingly affects human activities, and draws worldwide concern.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is a legacy of traditional culture and art. It safeguards the environment and adds color to the modern city. Throughout the years, we undertake many governmental landscape and architecture projects. Embodying the “harmony


Aircraft is the carrier to see the world, airport is the bridge to connect the gateways.

Business Development

The ever-competitive business development (BD) industry has turning into its “stock” age, calling for higher professional standards to consulting companies. Jianjing Consultation, equipped with multidimensional development mode and thinking, is well prepared to support clients in prelimina


The tourism industry, originated from the cs that the culture and tourism bears, is a crucial component of the cultural industry. The “tourism” tag is somewhat unique, thus setting these projects apart from others. Today, people expect more on system, coordination, entertainment, safety, convenience and innovation magnitude of tourism, leads to a diversified tenden

Port & Dock

Ports and docks are not only the hubs in transportation, but also the strategic nodes s in the joint rail-and-water transportation. Therefore, the planning and layout are of great importance.


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