Initiation & Planning Stage

Preliminary consulting for construction projects is our frontline business. Our experienced professionals in the fields of investment, financing, law, financial estimation, data analysis, consulting and evaluation are ready to provide excellent consulting services. Our expertise covers building, municipal engineering, rail transit, highway, water transportation, water conservancy, electric power, energy, port & dock, among others.

Project Consultation
  • Project Proposal (Preliminary Feasibility Study).
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Project Funding Application.
  • PPP Project Consultation.
  • Financing Consultation.
Project Planning Consultation
  • Commercial Real Estate Planning.
  • Industry Park Planning.
  • Land Transfer Consultation.
Project Evaluation Consultation
  • Implementation Plan Evaluation.
  • Procurement Evaluation.
  • Life-cycle Evaluation.

Selection Stage

In the selection or procurement stage, we assist the bid inviter to confirm the bidding content, make preliminary proposals, prepare the bidding documents, register with authority, issue the bid invitations/announcements, arrange contracts signings and archives, etc. We also help the client to identify contractors, leads to indirect contribution in engineering control investment. In this stage, we offer tendering agency services.

  • Bidding and Selection Planning
  • Tender Agency
  • BOQ Preparation
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Negotiation

Construction Stage

Construction stage is an important stage which are highly time-consuming, resulting in variation of material strength and/or element capacity. Making sure the whole construction would follow the requirements of engineering design and construction organization design as well as construction acceptance specifications to ensure the quality of completion on schedule. At the same time, the construction unit should carry out other related capital construction work and production preparation work. To avoid pitfalls, while planning your construction project, you should use some kind of cost analysis and project management solution.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
  • Investment Estimation.
  • Preliminary Estimate of Project and Design Estimation.
  • Process Tracking Audit.
  • Project Settlement Verification.
Project Management
  • Design Optimization.
  • Contract Management + Benefits Realization Managements (BRM).
  • Progress and Quality Control.
  • Change Management.
  • Dispute Settlement.

Operation Stage

Most work during operation stage is usually managed by clients itself or a specific project company. Nevertheless, we can provide comprehensive consulting services on operation and management.

For operational projects: operation and maintenance are the two primary tasks.
For non-operational projects: assessment, repair, strengthening, dismantling, etc.

Main work: service under warranty, return visit, follow-up service, post project evaluation, etc.

  • Project Operation Consultation.
  • Project Performance Management Consultation.
  • Renovation and Expansion Consultation

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