The tourism industry, originated from the cs that the culture and tourism bears, is a crucial component of the cultural industry. The "tourism" tag is somewhat unique, thus setting these projects apart from others. Today, people expect more on system, coordination, entertainment, safety, convenience and innovation magnitude of tourism, leads to a diversified tendency for tourism projects. In Jianjing Consultation, years of practice have elevated our details-oriented one-stop service to a new height. In the future, embedding craftsmanship in the work, we combine tourism with ecology, culture, science and innovation and embrace numerous possibilities.

Some of our projects:
* Guanyin Dharmadhatu (Phase I, II & Ⅲ)
* Beishan Resort Town of Qianxia Lake, Lishui
* Baiyun Pavilion in Taizhou

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Guanyin Dharmadhatu (Phase I, II & III)


Beishan Resort Town of Qianxia Lake, Lishui


Baiyun Pavilion in Taizhou

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