Established in May 2017, Jianjing Digital Center reengineers the consulting process through standardization and digitization, realizes business data and data intelligence, improves service speed and service quality, while comprehensively meeting business and market needs, reflects data value, and lays a solid foundation for the future all-round and whole-process digital transformation of Jianjing Consultation.

Jianjing Digital Center has always been committed to the output and connection of its own capabilities, to build a network effect within Jianjing Consultation, so that customers, partners and internal resources of the enterprise can achieve a better collaboration. In the future, we will continue to explore and strengthen our R&D to help promote the high-quality development of the industry's digital economy.


  • Standardization of operational processes
  • Standardization of data collection
  • Standardization of achievements


  • Self-built intelligent platform
  • Automatic generation of project BOQ and control price
  • Automatic collection of project indicators


  • Leading Innovative Development
  • Project Value Enhancement
  • Construction of A New Ecology

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