Considering the rocketing of scientific and technological innovation and the universalization of Internet and digital platform, it is imperative to transfer from a traditional enterprise to an integrated platform. The mechanism and loose system inherent in the free operation of the traditional business sectors are unfavorable for us to win in the highly competitive engineering consulting industry. Inspired by the technological innovation, we are here to enhance the competitiveness in the digital transformation and to develop a corporate strategy to “move to the platform” .

Offering Superior Service Experience

We are committed to providing first-rate consulting service and standing out as a smart platform in the intense competition. To reach that, we ceaselessly enhance capabilities in online platform digitalization and terminal service.

Considering the professional needs in engineering consulting, we serve the clients and construction companies in the complicated scenarios across countries and sectors, focus on orders and consulting service from upstream and downstream, and offer an IT-based solution that consolidates online resources and engineering consulting.

Digital Transformation Is A Must

We equip ourselves with the digital mindset and spirit before others do, in the sense that we always stay closer to our clients, identify their needs proactively, respond rapidly, improve the experience, provide value-added services and create surprises. Afterwards, digital management platform and digital model innovation are to be introduced. Intelligent moves include utilizing hardware, software and system architecture to build a digital system in the pipeline. Furthermore, an engineering consulting database that encompasses partners, clients and projects will largely empower our platform-oriented transformation.

The Capability to Upgrade and Integrate the Organization

We are well-positioned to leverage the products and solutions offered by our platform, reorganize our resources, form project teams, and deliver value-based services more efficiently. With superior organizational integration capabilities, we make strategic decisions with long-term interests.

The options available to Jianjing Consultation today, are either becoming a platform or joining a platform. We aspire to build a platform-mediated ecosystem and march forward on an ambitious path.

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