BIM Technology Boosts the Construction of Smart Landscape Architecture

Time:  Nov 25.2021    |    Source:  JJTZ

At present, the term smart city is everywhere, and people will often hear and see words such as smart public transport, smart medical care, and smart community. People have started to feel the services provided by smart systems in their daily lives, such as seeing screens at subway stations to indicate the arrival time of the next subway, etc.

It can be said that the smart city achieves the purpose of promoting the Informatization of urban planning and management, the intelligentization of infrastructure, the convenience of public services, the modernization of industrial development, and the refined social governance through a digital, networked, precise, and intelligent information aggregate.

So, what will landscape architecture in cities look like when they become smarter? Let us open our minds and imagine the possibilities of smart landscape architecture together.

Design takes the lead. Only when design methods and design results are digitalized and intelligent, can later construction and management be digitalized and intelligent. Nowadays, the trend of design intelligence has been promoted in the construction industry, and the adoption of BIM technology will make the whole life cycle of design, construction and use of buildings in the digital intelligence. At present, smart landscape architecture design has also begun to explore. Designers use GIS, BIM and LIM to extend digitalization to the landscape architecture field, and develop plant configuration designs based on the whole life cycle, plants configuration design based on plant characteristics, soil composition and precipitation conditions. Furthermore, it contains establishment of dynamically adjustable digital models of plants and water bodies, and reserved interfaces for the intervention of meteorological and management data.

As for the construction of smart landscape architectures, it can be realized through platforms such as seedlings, equipment, and construction information. For example, the owner can purchase online through the seedling information platform 2-3 years ahead of the construction period. The demand for seedlings can be released at the beginning of the design, and the major nurseries can prepare seedlings in advance to control the cost; It is possible to establish a traceable transplanting file for seedlings to know their origin in order to improve the survival rate of planting; to establish a factory model for seedling production, fine management and guaranteeing the completion of orders in time and quality, thus making landscape architecture production a member of industrialized production.

For intelligent landscape architecture management, intelligent watering system and intelligent land fertility real-time detection system can be combined, and the water and fertilizer management required for plant maintenance can run automatically based on detection and be delivered to plant roots through pipes at fixed points; while intelligent plant life cycle control system can establish birth, age, disease, and death files for regional plants, control the most beautiful viewing seasons of plants, understand the time of plant replacement, prepare seedlings in advance and make transition arrangements; intelligent ecological carbon detection and balance systems can dynamically control the carbon energy consumption of regional buildings and personnel balanced relationship with plants; management information summary reporting system, which can monitor the management of landscape architectures and show whether the gardens are occupied or misappropriated.

The smart park management system that has been promoted and used can help park management departments understand the park’s visitor capacity in real time, so as to control passenger flow, dispatch vehicles, ships, and restaurants, and monitor the environment. The management system can also provide visitors with park weather information, real-time broadcast of activity information, real-time broadcast of plant viewing period, and real-world tour in every corner of the park. Tourists can experience intelligent self-service tour guide, navigation, catering, entertainment and other services through smart phones or other communication devices. Moreover, tickets and activities of scenic spots can also be reserved online on the system, and electronic tickets can be realized, and mobile terminals such as mobile phones can be entered. Tourists can visit the park by "swiping" communication devices.

Wisdom is changing our lives, making our lives more controllable and convenient. The envisioned scene is exciting, but in fact it has gradually appeared around us. For example, smart irrigation can be achieved through micro-systems even in our own gardens; the smart park management system, the Summer Palace has already begun part of the trial.

Landscape architecture is a living creature, just like human beings, it is not a product of system and technology. However, like human beings, they can get better care through intelligent technology, allowing everything to grow naturally and orderly through pre-planning.

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