Sponge Cities

Time:  Nov 25.2021    |    Source:  JJTZ

Three measures to build "Sponge Bob Square Pants" so that the city will no longer suffering urban storm flooding.
As an important symbol of urban development concept and construction mode transformation, China's sponge city construction "timetable" has been clear and "only forward, not backward".

Lu Kehua, the Vice minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that more than 130 cities across China have planned sponge city construction programs.

The so-called “sponge city” is to give full play to the original topography and geomorphology on the accumulation of rainfall; give full play to the natural substrate and ecological substrate on the infiltration of rainwater; give full play to vegetation, soil, wetlands, etc. on the natural purification of water quality. In urban development and construction, by strengthening planning and construction control, through source reduction, process control and system treatment, adopting measures such as green roofs, permeable paving, depressed green areas and rainwater collection and utilization facilities to make buildings and neighborhoods, roads and squares, parks and green areas, water systems, etc. have various functions. This would play big role in absorbing, storing and slowing down the release of rainwater, effectively controlling rainwater runoff and realizing “no waterlogging in light rain, no flooding in heavy rain, no black odor in water bodies and heat island relief”.

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