Pre-planning Consulting Analysis

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Planning is strategy, plotting. Planning is a step-by-step process of improvement, from the overall concept to the specific planning, go from easy to the difficult and complicated, from coarse to fine, and continuous decision-making and adjustmen t at different stages. Pre-planning refers to the initial planning and preparation of the project in the project start-up phase to ensure that the project can be successfully implemented and achieve the desired goals. Specifically , on the basis of adequate access to information, conduct the organization, management, economic and technical aspects of scientific analysis and demonstration for the decision-making and implementation of the project on the project preliminary stage.

The content of pre-planning is not set in stone, and the content needs to be adjusted according to the expected goals of the client, but the core of the planning is invariant, mainly through the scientific planning method, to formulate effective plans and strategies to achieve client’s expected goals.

In this article, we will explore the main ideas and implementation path of pre-planning as an example for a bridge component prefabrication plant.

1.  Clarify Project Objectives
Generally, the client has a macro development and planning goal for the proposed project, and Jianjing Investment will assist the client in breaking down and refining the goal to make it specific, quantifiable, and achievable. The objectives of a bridge component prefabrication plant project are generally to optimize the use of resources, establish good partnerships, provide diversified products and services, improve production efficiency and quality, and achieve sustainable development.

2.  Implementation of Environmental Surveys
Through the environmental investigation to find out the main factors affecting the construction and development of the project, to provide valuable information and a better data base for the subsequent project positioning, demand analysis and other planning work.
The environmental investigation work is generally carried out fromnatural environment investigation, market environment investigation, policy environment investigation, construction environment investigation and other aspects.This project mainly focuses on the policy, industry development prospect and competitors through relevant personnel interviews, literature survey and research methods to carry out a full investigation and analysis, in addition, due to the special nature of the project, we have made a detailed study of the project site selection and industrial land management.
Bridge component prefabrication plant is greatly influenced by the market environment and policy environment.Conducting comprehensive policy, market, competition, user research and data analysis to obtain information resources, we can understand the market trend,the needs of the target customer, and the competitors' strategies, which will provide strong support and guidance for the planning. After conducting market research, this project mainly adopts SWOT to analyze the market environment, which helps the client gain a clear insight into the project development direction.

3.  Analyzing Project Dilemmas
Through the above survey and analysis, potential problems and challenges of the project are identified and recognized to avoid problems being overlooked or magnified during project implementation. The common challenges of projects are technical feasibility, risk management, constraints, communication and cooperation etc.

4.  Developing a Project Implementation Strategy
Based on the project objectives and the results of the environmental survey, identify the potential challenges of the project, and develop appropriate strategies and plans. The strategy should consider the target customers, market environment and resource conditions to ensure the rationality, feasibility, and effectiveness of the strategy. The certainty of the implementation of this project depends largely on the policy environment and cooperation strategy. We provide the client with appropriate policy analysis and cooperation negotiation assistance and propose a targeted implementation strategy for the project.

5.  Project Profitability Analysis
According to the nature of the project, select suitable evaluation methods, estimate the operating income and subsidized income of the project as well as various costs and expenses, analyze the cash inflow and outflow of the project, construct the income statement and cash flow statement of the project, calculate the indicators of the financial internal rate of return (FIRR) and the financial net present value (FNPV) and etc., evaluate the financial profitability of the project and carry out the break-even and sensitivity analyses, and analyze the impact of the proposed project on the overall financial status of the enterprise according to the needs.

6.  Risk Warning and Recommendations
Risk is a factor that must be considered and addressed in pre-project planning. The main risks of a bridge component prefabrication plant project are market risk, policy risk and so on. The market demand and competitive environment of the project may change, affecting the project profitability. In addition to adequate environmental investigation and demand analysis and forecasting in the early stage, risks including insufficient market demand, increased competition and price fluctuations should be considered. It is recommended that a flexible marketing strategy be developed to adapt to the changing market environment.

Concluding Remarks

Pre-project planning is seen as an outlining tool that provides guidance and a framework for the entire project. Good pre-project planning is an important safeguard for the success of a project and can help the project achieve its desired goals more efficiently.

Jianjing has a wealth of experience in pre-planning for factories, mines, health care, cultural and tourism projects, and has formed a set of mature consulting methodology, from environmental investigation and demand analysis, investment and financing program research to financial analysis, risk alerts, etc. are our core expertise. More importantly, we can provide all-round, high-quality, and customized pre-planning consulting services for our clients, and provide them with grounded and achievable pre-planning solutions from the perspective of our clients according to the different needs of different projects.

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